Why Every Business Needs To Hire a Webflow Agency

A website is the best way to reach and engage with a massive amount of people while running a business.

On average 28% of small businesses do not have a website.

And a whopping 57% of online users will not recommend a business if the website has poor website design on mobile.

Those are powerful numbers.

Having a website is crucial for any business, having an optimized, mobile-friendly website is an absolute must if you want your business to reach its fullest potential.

Your business needs a website that not only looks great but is designed with a seamless UX (user experience, CX (customer experience) to support your potential customer’s journey from getting to your website through amazing search rankings from well-done SEO to making a purchase of whatever product or service your business is selling.

A well-optimized website will garner your business new leads, increase your brand exposure, build brand trust, and authority, stay ahead of the competition, and maximize your ROI and revenue.

But if you were thinking of doing this on your own think again, it takes a lot of skill and you will lose valuable time going down the DIY route.

So before you lose any more precious time, here is why you need to hire a Webflow Agency to make you the website of your dreams with the best website development platform.

What is a Webflow Agency?

First, let’s get to know WebFlow, even if you are not familiar with web design or web development jargon you need to know why this web building platform is so popular.

Webflow is a No Code website builder, No Code means just that no coding is required to build a website with the Webflow platform.

A person with little to no skill in web design or development can essentially build and design a website however they would like.

Webflow gives non-programmers the ability to work coding lan3 major coding languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)  without having to know or even understand these coding languages.

Essentially Webflow allows a non-programmer to create a website using a drag and drop template all the code needed is built-in within the Webflow platform and a non-programmer follows certain templates and visually build the website.

Webflow offers plenty of tools and software to get started on your own but there is still a learning curve for beginners.

Now building and creating a site on your can save you money, but it won’t save your business if it is not SEO optimized.

A website needs to have a great UX (user experience) CX (customer experience), and a great buyer journey and it has to be mobile-friendly, all while telling your business’s story.

You can try to do this all on your own but you will never be able to create it all cohesively with SEO and in a fashionable timeline because SEO takes time to get measurable results.

So what you need is a Webflow Agency.

A Webflow Agency specializes in designing and developing websites using the Webflow platform.

This is your best way to get a visually stunning, fully optimized,mobile-friendly website in a very short amount of time.

Webflow allows for a much faster build than traditional coding and these Webflow Agency experts are able to build your website within a few short weeks compared to months on end.

Not only are you getting a fast build you are getting a team of web developers, web designers, copywriters, and SEO experts all working to make sure your website is ranking in a search engine’s coveted SERPs (search engine ranking pages) top spot.

You are getting a website you are getting an SEO-driven money-making machine that drives traffic and sales to your business’s website.

The Webflow Agency Process

Not all Webflow Agencies have the exact same process, but a great Webflow Agency’s process should be similar to something that we have displayed below:

The Initial Meeting of the Minds

The first step of any Webflow project is to know your requirements, basically what you want and need out of your website.

These details are of the utmost importance, it shapes the beginning of how the Webflow Agency is creating your website.

You need a website designed and developed to function as your business needs it to be.

A Webflow Agency knows your website needs full functionality and a digital marketing perspective and efforts for your website to be truly successful.

The goal of the Webflow Agency is to learn and bring to light exactly how your website will advantageously serve your business.

This meeting of the minds takes your ideas, wants, and needs into full consideration by the Webflow Agency team to get the ball rolling in creating your website on all levels to be successful.

Art & Information Architecture

Now that the Webflow Agency team knows what your ideas and needs are, they know what needs to be done.

The Webflow Agency team will start to visualize the plan for your website project.

At this point, any professional Webflow Agency will conceptualize and create a visual sitemap and the information architecture (the structural design of shared information environments) this way you will have a genuine idea of what will be on the website prior to moving on to any designs.

Design Mockups

After you have approved the Information Architecture, the Webflow Agency team will have solid clarity of what the structure of your website will be…and so will you.

The Webflow Agency’s design team will create as many pixel-perfect designs that will show exactly what will go on the website.

This is what the mockup is all about,  it is in this process you get to see how the website will look before anything is set in stone.

Mockups are necessary because they give you the chance to refine every single detail of your website before the Webflow Agency team starts with the actual development of your website.

Webflow Development

Now that you have seen the mockup of your website and expressed any of your revisions that would want to be done on the designs, the Webflow Agency team will move onto the Webflow development phase.

During this phase, the experienced Webflow Agency development team will shine and build you a visually beautiful, responsive, mobile-friendly, and animated website that looks just like the designs you approved and wanted.

Every single detail and element of the final product will be exactly what you wanted it to be.

The Delivery

Once everything has been approved by you and you are 100% pleased with the completed website, The Webflow Agency can transfer the website ownership to you (your account), or if you would like you can continue to have the Webflow Agency manage and tend to your website on a retainer level or if needed on-demand.

Webflow Agency Benefits

Hiring a Webflow Agency comes with many benefits, let’s now go over them.

A Webflow Agency will Save you Time & Money

A huge benefit of hiring a Webflow Agency is how much time they save.

Simply put, you can do it on your own as quickly and effectively as a Webflow Agency.

Depending on what you want and need in a website (functionality and pages), a Webflow Agency can build you a sleek, optimized, and mobile-friendly website within a few weeks.

With other web agencies a build can take upwards of months to completion and launch.\

The Webflow platform cuts out the need for written code and saves the Webflow Agency so much time, this allows for better design and focus on the UX and CX experience which leads to a seamless customer/buyer journey for visitors to your website.

Also you have a full team of experts behind a Webflow Agency team, this saves time and money from having to hire web specialists, be a part of your in-house team or find freelancers that may be unreliable.

A Webflow Website Build’s Brand Trust, Brand Authority & Overall Credibility 

When you hire a Webflow Agency you will get a great website in all aspects.

From how the website looks on all devices, how easy it is to navigate, down to the unique content within the website for visitors to engage with.

This matters on so many levels when it comes to marketing because according to research it is estimated that an average 75% of internet users judge a business and their brand trust, credibility and authority based on the quality of its web design.

Basically if a visitor is looking at an unappealing website that looks dated they are less likely to think of your offerings as competitive or worthy regardless of what products or services your business is  selling.

Your business represents itself through its website. It needs to look great and be telling an engaging story to attract conversions once visitors have landed on your page.

Your website can solidify your brand trust and brand authority and will help your business stand out from its competitors.

In Conclusion

In business, your website is the best marketing tool you can invest in. It needs to be flawless in all aspects to be able to generate revenue. A Webflow Agency is the ultimate choice for your business because these experts have a complete understanding of design, UX, and all the marketing that goes into making their clients the absolute best websites.

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