Top 3 African Movies Showing On Netflix

Of lately, Netflix has focused on international growth, including South Africa. Even though the content in South Africa isn’t as unique as East and South Asia, but there are a plethora of South African movies which are indeed worth watching. Now you must be wondering which South African films are the best. The list given here tends to stretch across various niches, including drama, romance, horror, and romance.

Some Of The Best African Movies Showing On Netflix

1.  Azali

Even though the movie wasn’t nominated, Azali from Ghana is said to be the first submission under the category of the Best international feature film in the 2018 Oscars. The film mainly focuses on a lady known as Amina who lived in a small village in northern Ghana. The film portrays how the girl survived, and it indeed has a fantastic twist ending that cannot be spoilt, or else one wouldn’t watch the movie at all. The production quality is quite decent.

2.  Road to Yesterday

If you love romance movies, then this one is undoubtedly for you. The Nollywood movie is all about a couple who goes on a long drive to a funeral and tries mending their broken bonds but lands up unearthing other emotional baggage than what they expected. The slow-paced romance is lead by two leading actors who are well known for their sizzling chemistry. Even though there is no trashy plot here, the movie is worth the watch. You can search for how to pay Netflix in Kenya via mpesa and watch the film without stress.

3.  Catching Feelings

The movie is said to another dash of romance, but this isn’t a typical romantic movie because it includes some sense of sociopolitical element. The film tends to focus on Max, who is a university lecturer, and he has a girlfriend, Sam, who had been flitting around the cosmopolitan circles in Johannesburg. Even the movie is entirely character-driven but also focuses on racism and classism.

King of Boys is said to be a darker, politically tinged thriller that tends to provide fodder for examining the globe besides entertainment.

Hence these are some fantastic movies that one can watch on Netflix, South Africa. Here, some of the most notable filmmakers who have put their best foot forward and represented their work on the streaming platform. A few movies have made a buzz while they made a splash on the OTT platform.

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